Tuesday, June 12, 2007


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Lord: Ganesh
Song: Jeyadeva Moorthy
Album: Viswa Vinayaka

Theology, knowing thyself


“Who is GOD?” The answer for this question differs from person to person. If you ask an atheist, he will mock at you, and may define the term as “nature” by considering himself as Baron d'Holbach. On the other hand, just ask a person who believes the existence of GOD, he will define the term with specific conceptions. And ask a scientist, especially a Physicist, he will adjust his spectacle, and will reply “Light” by deriving some equations and the great Albert Einstein and his equations will assist him to confuse us. And, do not ask the definition to a philosopher, because you will end up with a state of bewilderment. Even the definition of “GOD” is itself ambiguity; hence do not ask the question of the existence. But according to the old adage and conviction “There will be a power above us which rules us”, and the power again differs from person to person and his thoughts. And one must agree that the GOD is nothing but a superior soul, and an honesty heart which will help you to know thyself. For me, the power which makes me to know myself is nothing but the divine MUSIC.


I’m not an atheist, usually believes in my own GOD and when I was doing my Undergraduate, one of my close friends, was an atheist and he always scolding the superstitious, and whenever he happened to see me in listening to some devotional songs which I used to, before going to any examination, then again he will start his scolding at my illogical belief. He was very normal student in studies, and he passed all his exams with average marks, still without arrears. There was an allied paper in our under-graduate, “Electricity & Magnetisms”; he attempted that paper three times, but all in vain. Then, in the final semester, I requested my friend to listen an audio, which is about Guru Ragavendra, sung by SP Balasubramaniyam, before going to prepare for that Physics paper. Again he annoyed with me and the same old story, the scolding. But somewhat I requested him to listen in that audio, then atleast to respect my friendship, he agreed and started to listen in that audio everyday, before preparing for the exam and finished that paper with confidence. Finally, the result announced, believe me or not, he scored a mammoth 83 in that paper which eluded him for the past three semesters.


I don’t care, if you are an atheist, or a Physicist, or a philosopher, but just listen to the devotional songs sung by SPB, which I’m going to blog in coming days, I’m not guarantee that you will know the definition of “GOD” or the existence, but, I’m sure that you will atleast will come to know about yourself, which is ofcourse the intension of this blog. All these songs are Kannada songs, but as you all aware there is no language barrier in Music, as there is no conception in defining GOD!


My friend, who I portrayed in the above Incident, sent all the songs (he is basically from Bangalore) which I’m going to upload in this blog. I still remember our conversation after he got the result of his Physics paper. I wanted him to agree the existence of GOD or atleast the existing power as Music, hence, I asked him “So now you believe in GOD?” he nodded and replied me “Not the GOD, but the Goddess POWER”, as I smiled with smug, and asked “You mean the MUSIC?”, and “YES” was the reply I expected from his mouth, but he replied “No”, and then I perplexed and asked again “THEN??”, he replied very calmly like a saint, “THAT VOICE”.

Now friends, tell me “WHO IS GOD?”


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Appane Appane Pillaiyar Appane said...

//he replied very calmly like a saint, “THAT VOICE”.

This is called final punch??? Anyway, SPB is not JUST a GOD, he is MORE than That "So-Called" GOD.

--an atheist

கோவை ரவீ said...

appane appane pillaiyar appane, Thanks for first visit.

ஹைத்ராபாத் சந்திப்பு காட்சிகள்